Post Covid Office Life: Safety, Teamwork and Candor

Leaders should ponder on how the landscape of work is in a post-pandemic world and how the office environment can change for the better.
Written by
Andrea Wee

We’re on the road to recovery as businesses nationwide reopen.Gradually we attempt to recuperate from the losses that were made during the entire quarantine period. But it begs the question, what needs to be brought forth amidst so much uncertainty? Strategies should be put in place to rewrite the playbook, as the systems that were in place before were flawed and not sustainable in the long run.


Provide A Safe Space

Physical space and cleanliness are obviously top priorities.But while employers ensure that spaces are sanitized and clean, underlying issues are also due for a spring cleaning.  The office should be a place where employees feel comfortable speaking up and employees should be able to openly discuss any discrepancies. When you put up a divide between your staff, big ideas may be overlooked. But also people may bite their tongue when it comes to highlighting any issues within the office. Invite questions from your members of staff, whatever it may be so everyone feels included.

Break Workplace Hierarchy

Great and effective teamwork is void of vertical hierarchy when it comes to the development process or when brainstorming ideas. It will empower teams to reach their full potential, where honesty and transparency become the cornerstone of daily discussions. The best way to go about this to remove traditional top-down management styles that will enable teams to think and work independently. Create a central hub of gathering data in the form of daily deliberations but in a productive and timely manner. Give your employees the freedom to ruminate ideas after, which may be beneficial for the company in the end.

Unify Your Teams

Leaders should openly state their goals moving forward with clarity. Spirits may be at a all time low, but as leaders you should rewriting the playbook moving forward. It is completely okay to be honest and admit if things are not okay and if you don’t have all the answers. Encourage your teams to bring their ideas and thoughts to the table and accept that mistakes will be made in this uncertain time. Take the time to bring an open mindset to the office and genuinely bond with your team.

Take A Cue From The Quarantine Period

During the lockdown, industries were forced to work remotely for safety and to abide to rules set by the government. In that time, we’ve realized that a bulk of meetings could be easily done over a call or email, or better yet through online video conferences. This can be carried over to our normal working life now that the quarantine is lifted. Companies that have not fully acclimated to digital workarounds were given no choice but to do so when employees were made to work from home. That same sentiment should still apply,which give employees the flexibility to work productively but also in the comfort of their home or remote work locations like a café for example. This fosters an environment where workers do not feel overwhelmed by the day-to-day but actually feel energized to work and perform.

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