Client Highlight: Telekom Malaysia

The Enbooth team collaborated with Telekom Malaysia for their Malaysia Day event.
Written by
Andrea Wee

Malaysia Day is celebrated on the 16th of September every year to commemorate the creation of modern-day Malaysia. On this day in 1963,Sarawak, Sabah, Malaya and Singapore joined together to form Malaysia. Singapore, however, broke away in 1965. This year however, is different than past celebrations as we are the midst of a new normal. Nevertheless, this day reminds us of steps that we have taken to become a developed nation.

In conjuction with Malaysia Day, we had the honour of collaborating with Telekom Malaysia for the #MomenNegaraku pop-up that was located at the ground floor of Menara Telekom. Our Enbooth became a makeshift recording booth, as a production team had set up lighting and camera equipment within our the soundproof workpod.

Our Enbooth all decked out in a custom design by Entropia

As throngs of TM employees and visitors passed our booth, some were ushered in to record their particular #MomenNegaraku. With some thanking frontliners for their efforts in curbing the pandemic. Whilst others on a more lighthearted note, spoke of Malaysia’s beautiful beaches and greenery. And not forgetting our national dish of course – Nasi Lemak! You can watch the full video here.

Home is where the heart is. Malaysia is a country that is multiracial and diverse, on Malaysia Day we celebrate our unity and this melting pot we call home. This is definitely one of our proudest moments and project yet. And for that we thank Telekom Malaysia and the team at Entropia that facilitated this.

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