What is Enbooth?

A prefabricated and enclosed room built for someone with a love for privacy, productivity and structure. Comes with one roof, four walls and a whopping amount of soundproofing and personal space.

Reach Your Fullest Potential At Work

Even in a crowded office, you can still work at full throttle. Our booths are quiet, private and free from distractions. What more can you ask for?

Whether it is to attend urgent calls, solve a problem, drown out noises, or simply to think out loud, you are welcome to experience productivity like never before with our innovative booth.

Effectivity In a Box

You’ll find that this 10-square feet booth is easily the most effective space in your open office. Its ergonomic design ensures complete comfort and efficiency at the workplace. Our following features will tell you why.

A silent and breezy fan to cool you off after heated discussions
As bright as your ideas. Panel for natural lighting, LED for extra lightning
Magnetic Door
Hinged, plexiglass and magnetic to invite focus and block out distractions
Built-in Table
Adjustable to suit all heights and frees the hands
Leveling Feet
Ensure safety and stability even on uneven surface

Clean & Cool

Temperature affects productivity. Our staunch built-in fan and ventilation system keeps the booth cool and cosy, effectively eliminating distraction while boosting your productivity.

Sound & Echo Absorption

Assembled by acoustic specialists, our materials are engineered for sublime soundproofing, noise insulation and sound absorption to keep you focused at all times.


Ergonomically designed to be easily assembled and transported, your booth can fit into any space you need. Our delivery team can take care of the assembly and after-care for you.

The open office setup at today’s modern workplace makes it easy for interaction and collaboration. Every now and then, however, everyone just needs a private space to have there privacy.

Installment Plans Available
Easily switch your plans to fit your financial needs
Get a full refund when you cancel your contract within 30 days
Our crew will assist with the setup (only valid in Klang Valley)